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This website is dedicated to Agent Programming and the Comet Way Agent Kernel.

Version 3.0 was released April 24, 2008 and is a major improvement over the previous public release:

  • New WebServer with WebServer extensions for more customized request handling.
  • New SecureWebServer agent uses javax.net.ssl package for HTTPS support.
  • New Props features to make data handling easier.
  • New PropsSchema class for describing and interpreting PropsLists.
  • New support for HTTP path rewriting and CGI interfaces.
  • New RunaableAgent class for agents that need to execute on their own thread.
  • New PropsListServiceManager adds regular expression support and multiple registrations.
  • Updated JDBCConnection classes for improved JDBC connection pooling performance.
  • Updated ExecuteCommand class to support the specification of the working directory, and improved stream buffering performance.
  • Support for ISO-8859-1 added to HTTPClient.
  • Support for ISO-8601 added to DateTools and XMLPropsList related classes.

Check back often for news and updates!

Previous Release Information

Version 2.6 was released March 22, 2007:

  • New webserver agents are even more secure and robust than before.
  • New email list agent for sending mail-merged messages.
  • New improved Props features make data handling even easier.
  • A simplified PropsList persistence model.
  • New tools for supporting XHTML code generation.
  • New throttled file server agent.
  • Optimizations to email message model.
  • More file based tools and agents for common operations.
  • Importing/exporting a PropsList to delimited files.
  • Importing/exporting a PropsList to a JDBC database.
  • Importing/exporting a PropsList to a PropsSchema.
  • Extensive HTTP client support and protocol compatibility.

Comet Way Agent Kernel

  • The Agent Kernel implements a dynamic component software model specifically designed for deploying Agent Applications.
  • Link up interchangeable agent-based components to create robust Agent Applications.
  • Includes agents for handling operations between web-based (HTTP), email-based (SMTP and POP3), database (JDBC and XML), and GUI-based (Swing) services.
  • Designed for the command line; easily enhanced by your favorite IDE.
  • A mature framework for Agent Programming.
  • Write your own customized agents using the Java Programming Language.
  • Created especially for the Java programming language from Sun Microsystems.
  • The Java Programming Language ensures 100% compatibility with a growing number of 3rd party Java APIs and platforms.

Agent Kernel Features
  • Implemented completely in the Java™ programming language
  • Easier to use than J2EE or Servlets
  • Small footprint
  • Easily configured using XML
  • Swing-based agent browser
  • Integrated state machine model
  • Pattern based task scheduling
  • Low-overhead agent request API
  • Generic object database
  • Support for SMTP & POP3
  • Error reporting by email
  • Agents serve dynamic web content
  • Manage HTTP session data
  • Navigate websites autonomously
  • Built-in logging API
  • HTTP distribution and proxy
  • Integrates with databases via JDBC
  • Small footprint XML parser
  • Load only needed features
  • Send reporting output to files
  • VT100 friendly reporting
  • Unique text buffer model
  • Regular expression support
System Requirements

The Comet Way Agent Kernel 3.0 is compatible with Java™ Runtime Environments JDK 1.4 or later.

The kernel has been tested on a variety of platforms including:

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Apple Mac OS X
Sun Solaris Linux FreeBSD

Contact us to talk about developing support for your hardware platform or for information about porting to new Java-enabled platforms.